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July 13th, 2010
January 2017

We are accepting Part Trade for Puppies.
10x10x6'H pens or larger.
A great Digital Camera.
A good Running Quad or Golf Cart.
OR full trade for a good running Truck or Car.

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                                          A little about us and what we do  

We have been Rescuing and Raising Hybrids and Other breeds since Dec 1993 for 24years now and currently have 130 animals. Several of these are getting pretty old and will just spend their remaining years here with us and that is all right.
Over the past 24 years we have Rescued over 1700 animals and placed most of them into good homes. We do have a few that were so badly abused and Tortured that they will just spend their days with us as they have emotional and Trust issues. Some were skin n bones when they arrived like Cochise.
He was on a chain from 8 wks old till we got him as an Owner Surrender at 10 mo old. We researched his linage and has a great Bloodline. He's not people friendly not aggressive but he don't trust people especially strangers but a love to us as we saved him so we kept him. He was an Owner Surrender because he wouldn't Bond with the family. He was on a 6 ft chain to a tree. It only took me 10 minutes to get him on a leash and eating out of my hand he was 10 mo old. When I promised him he wouldn't be on a chain or alone again and a few pieces of Dog Biscuits he came right up to me. The woman gave his history and breeding to me and we left.
We lost Niki our first Rescue in 2007 to Cancer who was a devoted and loving friend for 14 years she was not quite 1 yr when we saved her she was running loose killing Chicken and who knows what else to stay alive the neighborhood was gunning for her. Then we found her owner and discovered why she ran away over and over. They were Druggies and would blow pot in her face then tie her on a deck with a rope and leave her there alone for days. They told me of her Gray wolf content thinking I wouldn't want her as they wanted to put her down. I chose to keep her and after the first year was hooked on the Hybrids.
Then we rescued a 4 mo old Gray Wolf Saarloos wolf hound Tika off of a Bridge that had been Beaten and Ran over and left for dead. The vet knew his breeder and disclosed his Wolf breeding to us. He was crippled in the hind quarters from the attack but survived and hated men in stocking caps or drinking.
Then the word got out we were suckers for the Wolfdogs and 1 after another would be dropped off at out house till we had to move to the country. We ran adds in several newspapers. When we got the aggressive ones from abuse we just kept them unless they were beyond help and our vet would put those down.
Our Vet cuts us every break that they can On their bills and medications and discount Surgeries. Our Vet's office is 140 miles round trip. We have sold many pups to Police Officers as well. Now the Dog food we use over 150 lbs. Medications and Vet bills have gone up as well. We are out in the country away from allot of people because 105 animals howling can be very loud as you may guess. We have spent nearly $8,000.00 on vet bills already this year and that number will go up I have no doubt. New animals are Vet checked and any health issues are dealt before they are put up for adoption. All that has prompted this Plea fro help.
We have used the monies from the puppy sales to support our ongoing efforts to help these wonderful creatures. We breed and sell the pups and thats how we support the Rescue. We spend over $27,00.00 a month on food alone Adult food and diet food for some of the older Spayed and Neutered Seniors. We feed 150 lbs a day + special food for the Young and Elderly. It costs us proximately $66.00 a day + Vet Bills if any. We live on a small Retirement income of our own and can't continue saving and caring for these wonderful animals with out help. PLEASE WE NEED HELP to Find homes for all but 10 so we can retire.
We are asking for any donations you can afford to give to help with the food and vet bills. If not we will have to put the elderly and non place able ones down and that would break our hearts. I don't want to stop helping them but have to I am 72 yrs young but my healts says I'm done Hubby has had 2 strokes and has Fibromyalgia we have to stop. Anything you can give will help and God Bless you for anything you can do to help. If You can't have one of your own tell your friends and see if any one else can have a new best friend contact us for other options.
The county has been trying to shut us down for 6 yrs and at the last court hearing We struck a deal with the county and they gave us till Oct 1st at 5 pm to place 55 animals from 6 mo old and older or they WILL take them and put them down. We have to be down to 75 by Oct 1st and down to 25 by June 1, 2018 and we can keep 25 but we want only 10 or 11 our personal 5 and 6 real old ones so they don't have to die because they are really old not 25.
PLEASE if you can help find homes or rescues to take any please do. Thank yoou for Any help you can give.
Grandmother Wolf

Not only do we breed some animals we try to rescue wolfdogs when ever we can. We offer wolf hybrids for sale and hope you find wolfdog puppies and Adults as irresistible as we do.