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October 13, 2012

Please Read all the Do's and Don'ts for the sake of your sanity and your new babies safety. If you need an answer you can't find anywhere else feel free to call us. We will try to help for the health and Happiness of all of you!

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List of Do's and Don'ts

Download these Do's and Don'ts in PDF format

Here is a list of do's and don'ts and I am sure there is things I will Forget.

"1st thing to know is you are bringing the equivalent of a 3 year old Loving Hyper Toddler stubborn with an attitude into your home"
If you give your own vaccinations USE Nobivac Vaccines 98% to 100% effective against the new PARVO 2c or ask your Vet to recomend a good one.. Parvo 2c is killing Adults as well as puppies. 99% of Vets use the best Vaccines out there. When in doubt call your Vet for the best and safest advise.
A friends Vet vaccinated with Fort Dodge and after her pup had 4 shots and Was almost 5 mo old died of Parvo 2c.
They all claim to be effective against it but the key is at what % effective.
The new Protocal is shots starting at 5 weeks and every 2 wks. 5-7-9½-12-16 Weeks and every 6 mo till 2 yrs for the safest and best Protection for your new baby.


Stay away from anything made in China 90% of the time they are recalled. Alwayse read the labels on everything before you give it to your baby as well as yourself.

When you go to get Your Pup Make the Breeder picks up the pup and hand it to you, That's the pass off.
Then chew up a piece of Turkey Jerky or Chicken or Turkey Lunch meat or left over Chicken or Turkey meat till a soft mush in your mouth and Spit out on the floor or in your hand for the pup to eat.
( That is a sign of Acceptance into your pack (Family) and when the pup eats it the Pup has excepted his or her place as a subordinate in your pack( Family). If they won't eat it at first don't worry try again at home after they have had some time to settle in.
If the pup refuses you place a bit of the chewed up stuff in its mouth each of you over an hour or so not at the same time as that confuses them.
We Feed Kirkland Lamb n Rice adult mixed in equal amounts = Dry dog food ( Never Been Part of a Recall on Dry Food ). Good food for the whole life we mix the dry Puppy food of choice (NO DYES causes CANCER)
You can feed Nutrish or Numans Own and Atta Boy equal amounts till 6 mo. Then stay with Atta Boy or switch to Blue Buffalo Dog Foods are awesome.
We Feed Kirkland (Costco brand canned mixed with our Dry food mix to moms for 2 weeks prior to birthing and till pups have been weaned. Our Vet is Impressed with the health of the puppies now more so than before. We mix the Adult Lamb n Rice with with the Kirkland Puppy half and Half.
We feed this mix to pups as well as they are used to it thru moms milk.
We Feed Butcher Bones The larger the better according to the animals size if raw bones drop in boiling water for 1 or 2 min only to cook off any blood in the meat on the bone but will not cook the bone as cooked bones splinter or Pigs Ears or real Chicken Jerky and most non man made material dog treats.
Feed Carrots as snacks baby carrots are the 100% best dog snack you can feed good for teeth and body. Better than treats that are man made. They love Squash raw or cooked with I can't believe its not butter on it. Cucumbers and melons try every kind of veggie and find out what they like try not to feed Onions or garlic on a regular basis.
Feed cooked Chicken or beef or Pork cut into chunk's for treat foods instead of fast food food.
Safe and good for them. Easy to digest and full of nutrition.
When You get the pup home go straight thru the house do not put pup down in the house.
Take Pup straight out to where you want it to go potty and put Pup down with a dish of water and a small amount of wet food and keep it out in the yard till it has gone potty praising and give Treats then bring in to explore the house.
Every Time the pup wakes from a nap take it straight out to go potty and after it goes bring in and give a treat and Praise and Lots of positive touch Loving.
Every Time your pup eats anything other than just a bite here or there of dry food you always leave down, after eating like a dry wet mix put out right after as they will have to go potty.
Let the Pup sleep with or at least make a bed beside yours. If you put a cardboard box on its side with a old blanket in it and a hole larger than the pup to go in and out till he or she feels safe enough at your home to sleep with or near you he or she will have less crying as it will feel safer than alone in this enormous house as its used to being in a dog house for sleeping.
Spend As much time as possible Loving on and Playing with your pup.
Start Training within a couple days of getting it home. As soon as it relaxes with the change of family and surroundings.
They want to go where you go Do what you do & Be where you are.
Introduce to Everyone and Everything New you want the Pup to except and learn about.
The Pup will take its cues from your behavior in most things.
They Love Water and Snow & to Run and Play with you, Balls and toys.
ALWAYS be Firm Honest and Fair You are the Leader of the Pack NOT Him or Her. YOU set the Rules and they Must Follow them. If the pup shows any aggression call us we will walk you thru handling these problems IF they occur.

Health Aids

1. Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate or Amodium or Amodium AD can be used to stop Diarrhea.
2. Canned Pumpkin will loosen a constipated dog or cat.
3. Garlic chopped and Tobacco will worm them amounts vary with size and age.
Make into small thin hamburger patties place the tobacco of Cigarette for 4 to 6 mo old 40 to 50 lbs 1 cigarette 50 to 60 lbs 2 cigarette's 65 lbs n up, Broken up ( NO FILTER) placed in the center of the patty then mix into the hamberger well form a meatball and smear BBQ Sauce or a mix of Ranch n Thousand Island Dressings on it to disguise taste. If you have more than 1 animal dog type only give the meatball to both at the same time and they will usually gobble it down to keep the other from gettingt done. These are things I do and have good results once every 6 mo only.
1 & 2 was Vet recommended to me.
3 Was recommended by an old farmer 35 yr's ago and has worked well for our animals.
BUT you should Avoid Onions and Garlic other than the worming Twice a year as they can cause Anemia and kidney failure if eaten regularly.
Buffered Aspirin for pain killer Dose varies per poundage of dog Consult your Vet.
Baby Aspirin for cats 1/4 pill every other day for pain and inflammation.
Glucosamine 1500 mg with MSM 1500 mg for older dogs or dogs with joint problems or Injuries or Hip Displacia or Muscle injuries. Dogs joints are mostly held in place by muscles. It has worked for us when the Vet wanted to put them down they have lived many many years with only little to no pain.
If you build the muscle n lubricate the joints they will heal faster and better.
I give 1 to 2 whole pills cut in half before feeding for a dog 75 lbs and over. for 30 to 75 lbs.
If the animal is in bad shape you may want to go as high for a 50 lb or higher 1 pill 2 times a day break them in half for best results you can go as high as 4 a day 2 morning and 2 night.
I would consult my Vet first to make sure your treating the animal for the right thing and his or her recommendation on dosage for your animal.
There is a growing problem with Kidney and Urinary Problems in Dogs and Cats. Some Vets think hard water may be a factor.
There are meds for this and foods with meds in them. The Cherokee and other tribes use a combination of Bear Berries and Cranberries made into a tea for humans and smashed into a paste with a little Clear Corn Syrup for taste daily to prevent stones and Eliminate Crystals & Keep them from Re-Forming. The site below has allot of information on the subject do your research before you make a decision on what to do for your 4 legged Family Member.

Tylenol Will Kill Dogs and Cats


3. Major Don'ts.

1. Never stop in a Rest Area they are death traps for Animals.

2. Never Feed Raw Meat of any kind. It kicks in their natural instinct to hunt and kill.

3. Never give Rawhide anything it Kills Dogs on a daily basis. Its a Manmade material made in China.

DO NOT Show up with a crate to take your pup home in. You will leave without the Vrate or the Pup!!
Your new family member is a WOLFDOG not a dog. These animals are pack animals and not just something you got to show off see what I got. You will have a blanket and towels & potty pads on a seat beside you or hold your new baby in your lap to spend the ride home bonding with him or her. It is a real possibility that by crating a pup for a long ride alone it could go into shock and die before you get him or her home thus NO Crates. Not Negotiable!
Have a bowl for water Also a bowl for food if more than a 5 hr drive home. You will need a Collar adjustable size 8 to 14 and a Retractable leash or you can purchase them from us at $20.00 for the pair.
Never Change your Work Schedule Its important for you to go about your normal routine right from the beginning so the pup will know what to expect. Its hard on them if you spend all your time with them for the first week or so then start leaving.
They usually start Howling all the time and tearing things up and its your fault not theirs.
NEVER NEUTER before 1 year & he has at least wanted to or tried to breed a female getting that errecton causes their testosterone to kick in and after 4 to 6 weeks then they stay fit not get fat and settle into adult hood. Don't SPAY till 6 weeks after going out of 2nd Heat Cycle or after weaning puppies or it Can STUNT the Growth and it can cause them to remain puppy like till 4 to 5 years old by doing this they should remain slim and be healthy.
Also seems to make them stay Puppyish years longer chewing and tearing up things constantly wants to play and takes very little seriously.
They are not going to get Uterin Cancer till 4 or 5 yrs if never breed or if let to have a couple litters and never Breed again and not spayed then Cancer is a real possibility. If it runs in their family it can rear its ugly head any time.
Never Put them on a Chain Except like on a camping trip or at a friends house for a couple hours.
A life on a chain will destroy the animal you are supposed to Love. Everything that makes the breed special will be lost.
These animals are a Pack animal and that means, You and Your Family become their Pack and if not allowed to be part of the Family and made a yard dog they will never Bond and will Always be trying to run away and can become unfriendly.
Never Feed Rawhide in any form. (Can stay sharp on an edge and rip the Esophagus & intestine and kill) It is a MAN made product and mostly comes from CHINA.
Never Allow your animals to eat Egg Shells ( that is like eating ground glass and can rip holes in the Esophagus, intestine, Stomach, Bowls and can KILL)
NEVER Feed Rasins or Grapes not always but some of them can cause Kidney failure and its believed the pestacides used on the different crops is why some do and some don't so the safe thing is just DON'T feed any.
NEVER Let plastic lay around in your yard or house. A piece of Plastic the size of a small Jelly jar lid can kill them.
It lodges in their intestines and creates a blockage and about the time it kills as most Vets miss it until its to late.
I lost my precious Nipper from a piece of garbage bag she tore into.
Never Let him or her out in a Rest Area. ( Deadly Decease's are present for animals) 2,000,000 People a month go thru a rest area and have dogs and 1/4 of them are sick some dying and your healthy animal walks thru the dirt or grass where their waste n Urin in in the soil and catches what is killing them. Some dog decease's kill in 12 to 24 hours with no cure. It only took the new deadly Parvo 2c -5 weeks to go from Wisconsin all over the US traveling from 1 rest area to another.
Pull off on a side road into farm land or an unpopulated area without houses when they need to potty and go a fair distance from freeway to mile.
Never Feed Raw Meat. (Wild Meat Has a Parasite that will shorten their life) Wolves live only 7 to 10 years in the wild because of it.
Domestic Meat has Hormones and Steroids and Parasites that can harm your Baby and shorten his or her life.
(Cook all Meats before feeding). They are not in the wild where Raw meat is all there is now they are your family and friend and its up to you to protect them so NO RAW MEATs. A Poodle is a decedent of a wolf do you feed them Raw meat?
Blood stimulates their urge to kill and the neighbors cat or small dog looks mighty tasty it is not worth it. They live quite well to 14 to 18 years fed Kibble and home cooking.
Never Feed anything with any Food Coloring or Dye or any color in it (Causes Cancer in animals)
Never Feed SHELL FISH It is Deadly poison or Salmon or Trout uncooked they carry a paracite that harm or kill. In the wild the Wolves only eat the heads not the meat.
No Shrimp-Crab-Oysters-Clams-Scallops-Lobster or anything with a shell.
Never Allow SoLo Jet Shots. ( They can kill, Old style Serum)
USE Nobivac formally Schering Plough 5 way it works. Your pup can not Metabolize Corona or Lepto vaccine till 12 weeks old so why give it. The 1irst shots before 12 weeks use 5 way at 12 weeks and beyond use the 8 way vaccine. The new Protocol is shots every 2 weeks not 3 to 4 weeks as that is how the Parvo 2c got to epidemic status. You see it takes a week for the Titer (protection of the shot) to take a hold and at 2 weeks it starts declining and if you wait 3 or 4 weeks for the next shot the titer isn't protecting for the week it takes for the new shot to start working so it leaves your baby not fully protected not worth it insist the Vet give the shots every 2 weeks starting at 5 weeks. If your in a bad Parvo area you can have the vet give Parvo only shots to your pup as soon as they are eating dry dog food then at 5-7-9½-12 weeks then the last shot at 16 weeks 2 days the 5 way till the 12 week shot and switch to the 8 way at 12 and 16 week shot. You baby is susceptible to parvo till 2 yrs old so a 5 way or straight Parvo vaaccine every 6 mo till 2 yrs then back to the 8 way once a year and they are now safe. There is no proof that the parvo or Rabies shots don't or do work on the Wold but they work on the dog part for sure so I err on the side of caution it won't hurt them we have always given them and they have worked. There is 2 cases in pups I sold that have killed a rabbid animal and did not contract Rabies we (think) its because of the vaccine and the natural immunity of the Wolf.
Never Feed Costco Brand "Kirkland" Dog Biscuits. (May Cause Kidney Failure)
Never Feed anything with CHOCOLATE or CAFFEINE Highly Poisonous can Kill some animals and or cause brain dammage.
Never Feed Coconut can cause Severe Diarrhea in small amounts or worse.
I Suggest You Don't wear shoes you go to town in to be worn in the house till after 16 week shot but better if as you Can carry several deadly animal Decease's in on the soles of your shoes.
Wipe or Spray the Soles of your shoes with a straight Bleach. OR Have a plastic bowl big enough for your whole shoe to fit in with 1/4 inch of 25% bleach 75% wqter mix in it and step in it then onto a towel before you have to wear them in the house. That goes for every one company and family alike.
Do Not Isolate from Strangers unless you want the pup to be fearful of strangers and could cause aggression.
Never Never Use any type of weapon to punish your friend not even news paper Use Only your Open Bare Hand along with Verbal No, No Bad Dog.
When they fight in the wild they use their paws and mouth. You do the same when punishing them.
They will never forgive you for a weapon But except your dominance bear OPEN handed.
If They EVER Show their Teeth or Growl Agressively at you.
Turn them onto their Back and holding their Muzzle Tightly with Your hands and Bite their Throat and Face while sitting or laying on top of them ( over 6 mo olds) if they are small be careful not to crush or hurt them, If pups Hold them so they can't move.
Bite and Growl at them about the face and throat till they go limp under you and whine submitting. You Are taking the Alpha Position in your pack away from them.
You Can't EVER let them get away with it NOT Even ONCE!!!
If you ever have any Questions feel free to call or e-mail and ask us we are happy to help.
The only Dumb Question is the ONE you Don't ask.