High Desert Wolves


Animal Name.________________________________.

Please read and initial each statement.

1. You will never sell or give this animal to anyone else without contacting High Desert Wolves first. This baby has been Adopted out to You only. ______

2.You will never turn the animal you purchased from me over to a shelter, for any reason. You will not have this animal put to sleep without contacting me first. I am always willing to take the animal back. If you no longer want the animal you MUST return it to High Desert Wolves in good health. ______

3.You agree to send pictures of this baby at 6 months intervals for life or more often when possible. These pictures might be put on my website, with your blessings.______

4. You agree to feed and water the puppy every single day. It sounds silly but people get busy with their lives and can sometimes forget. ________

5. You agree to never abuse this animal in any way Mentally, Morally or Physically. You agree to not chain your pup up for more than 1 or 2 hrs at a time._____

6. You agree to provide the puppy with regular vet checks, vaccinations and Rabies as recommended by most Vets and or Animal Control or your Local ASPCA._______

7. You understand that I provide no cash refunds. I have never had a puppy end up with a genetic disease, but if one should ever develops one, I will take the puppy back and get it all the care I can and offer you a replacement from a future litter. ________

8. This offer is for GENETIC DEFECTS ONLY. You must submit a veterinarian's diagnosis along with lab tests. That vets contact information where my personal Vet can reach your Vet to verify the condition. I need this because If one of My pups does have Genetic Disease, I will need to make certain and have the parents of that Pup tested. ______

9. If You purchase a pup from Me and It gets hurt or sick from something other than a genetic disease, still contact Me. Again, I will not offer a refund but I will try to help You. I will always take the animal back if You are unable to care for it and DEPENDING on the situation I might work with You on getting a new pup. ______

10. If you are wanting a replacement due to a Genetic Defect of 1 of my puppies you must provide proof from a licensed Vet and Lab results that is verifiable by my Vet and the puppy must be returned to me so that my Vet can run tests thru a reputable Lab to verify the defect. Photos of the animal being tested taken at the Vet Hospital must accompany the test results.______

11. Preventable illnesses (I.e. You fail to get the pup its shots on time) or Neglect the Animals Health and Medical care necessary for a long and healthy life will VOID any replacement offer.______

12. If you are having your puppy shipped, once that puppy is delivered to the airport by Me and placed in the care of the airline company that puppy is Yours. I only ship puppies in perfect health (with a vet clearance) but if something happens to the puppy during the flight, I will do anything I can to help in dealing with the airline. I will not offer a refund for the Negligence of others. That is why I insure all puppies with the airlines. I have never had a problem, but I like my buyers to be aware that there's always a small risk with any type of traveling.______

13. You must socialize and spend time training your baby from the first day you get it or you understand it will be destructive. These animals are better family pets if allowed to be indoors and outdoors and to bond with and become a member of your family.______

14. I am not responsible for any unwanted behavior once the puppy is in your care. All dogs, hybrids included, need proper training and socialization or they will have unwanted issues and or behaviors as adults. _______

15.By initialing each individual statement and by signing this contact below I agree to all of the information above. _______

16.I understand that I must be 18 years of age or older to sign this contract as it is a legal document subject to State and Federal laws and face serious fines and or jail time for you and or your parents.______

17. By signing this contract I am agreeing to the receipt of said puppy from High Desert Wolves in Ravendale, CA._______

18. If it is discovered the animal is abused by you or someone you allow to stay with the animal you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.

19. Failure to adhere to this Contract you can and will be Sued.________

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