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January 1, 2017
January 2017

We are accepting Part Trade for Puppies.
10x10x6'H pens or larger.
A great Digital Camera.
A good Running Quad or Golf Cart.
OR full trade for a good running Truck or Car.

NEW LAWS As Of Janurary 30, 2014 All Buyers Must Come Here and Pick Up or Pick out Your Pup in Person.

Going out of Business We are Moving to NV
Before August 1, 2018
We Must Place Adults and older Pups.

We are moving out of CA and can not take but a few animals with us and all that can't be placed the County of Lassen will take and put down. We have 55 animals to find homes for before
August 1st or they will wind up in Animal Control and they euthanize Hybrids
PLEASE HELP SAVE THE DOGS Some puppies for 8 52 lb bags of Purina Dog
Chow for Higher content young puppies call for price of ea puppy and 6 mo and older are free to the right homes

We will trade Puppies for Dog Food

Open    9 to 5 Daily


Prices Adults and Puppies over 6 mo From Free to $100.00 - Puppies from $200.00 up
Please help us find Homes for these Majestic animals, so they don't wind up in Animal Control and dying.
We are moving in mid May 1 month from now and can only take 5 with us
The Rescue Must Close.

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site.

This site is for all Wolfdogs.        (And Other Animals And Things. Advice is not to be taken in place of Professionals)
We don't care where You got Them from We Will Help If We Can. a

A lot of breeders would never help anyone who didn't purchase from Them, but for Us its about the love of the Animal not where The Animal came from.

If Your Wolf Hybrid is having a health issue, call Us. If You are having Wolf training problems, call Us. If You are no longer able to care for Your Wolfdog, call Us.
Anything, call Us, We are happy to help.
If Your more into Self help, There are a lot of pages on our site where You can read up on Wolfdog care.
Donít leave without checking out both our Information page and our Education pages.
There is a lot of important information there that will help you in raising your Hybrid.
There are lots of health tips!

If you are here looking for a baby to bring home please visit our Hybrid Cubs page. If Your looking for an older Hybrid, We run a Rescue program. Unfortunately most of the rescues we get in have been so mistreated i.e. Tortured-Beaten-starved or used as bait dogs for fight rings that 90% of them are not placeable and just get to live their lives out here with us.

We will continue for as long as we are able to sell enough pups to continue feeding and cover the Vet bills for them. We feed 140lbs of food a day not counting puppy food and the Vet bills get pretty high at times. Its definitely a labor of Love for us.

We are also the first breeders in the world to offer true Miniature Wolf Hybrid puppies for sale. Ever since We publicly announced Our plan there have been a lot of copycats but do not be fooled. We started it all using smaller hybrids and small breeds that compliment the Hybrid like the American Eskimo. The Copycats are inbreeding to try to get the results we have already gotten doing things the right way took 10 + years. Mini Wolves
Again We would like to thank You for visiting This website.
Take Your time and look around. We will be here When You need Us for Imformation or wolf dogs for sale. Have a wonderful day. Take care.

PLEASE check the Rescues for new desporate animals in need of homes.

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